Alex W McDonell is a contemporary abstract artist. He has also been a professional designer for over 20 years, working with fortune 500 companies, art galleries and dot com start-ups and more. Residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, he is currently exhibiting his artwork primarily in downtown Phoenix art galleries, corporate offices, and public spaces including luxury urban apartments, restaurants, salons, furniture galleries and private collections. Alex was educated at The Art Institute of Dallas and trained using a wide range of traditional mediums as well as digital imaging and design.

 Artist Statement

I've been an artist all my life. My most current work is a combination of tradition and innovation. I'm inspired by the artistic expressions of patterns and designs found in nature. My works are all derived from natural elements. My latest pieces have been likened to a modern-day Rorschach test. I am always fascinated to hear interpretations of my work. I won't be able to give you a psychological evaluation after viewing my art, but if you look long enough at any one of my pieces, you're likely to start seeing things. You could call this work multi-dimensional, organic, geometric, abstract, digital photography, contemporary fine art. My work has an introspective or meditative quality that produces a calming, zen-like appearance that is perfectly suited for modern, contemporary environments as well as southwestern style interiors. Take a closer look, tell me what you see.. - Alex
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