This is a 180 degree photo series of the product, an Adjustable ET Tube Holder.
This is the package the owner want's to be redesigned. Though it's packaged much like other medical devices, the owner is asking me for ideas for something better.
These are my 3 concepts for the functional package.
"Flip-Open" design with two internal cavities. The divided contents are applied in a multi-step process. The directions would be printed on the inside flap and front panel below the opening. The sleeve would be printed with specific model information such as bar code and model type. The sleeve will allow the same carton be used for each product model.
This "Roll-out" design separates the contents left and right for "step 1, step 2"  type of instructions that would be printed in the middle with specific contents information listed on each side. While the inner carton would have general instructions, the outer sleeve would have specific product information.
This "Tray Design" is intended for a sleeve type container or form molding plastic that will give a visual display of the product. It will also work in a bag or shrink wrapped container similar to the original package.
This is phase 1 of a total package design for an ET Tube Holder. Once a the pack form is decided, the graphics will follow. To-Be-Continued.
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